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News from Bulgaria

Bulgaria continues to be a nation with a favorable climate for foreign investment.
The geographical position and the low cost of labor are among the main advantages for foreign entrepreneurs.

Political stability and low risk:
• Bulgaria is a member of NATО
• It is a member of the European Union

Macroeconomic and financial stability:
• Real GDP growth of 3.2% in 2018
• Unemployment down, at 4.7% in 2018 and below the EU average
• Currency Board – fixed exchange of the local currency in Euro

Favorable conditions for doing business:
 • Access to the EU market and proximity to the main international trade channels
 • Flat Tax of 10% on taxable corporate income and 0% for companies operating in areas with a high unemployment rate • Tax equal to 10% (flat tax) on the income of individuals
• VAT exemption for 2 years in the case of investments of over 5 million. of Euro
• 5% tax on corporate dividends and financial income
• Competitive wages, fixed costs among the lowest in Europe • Low transport costs

• Qualified population with good knowledge of foreign languages • 68.7% of the population is of working age
• 60,000 university students graduate every year
• 98% of university students enrolled in Bulgarian universities study a second language
• High level of knowledge and experience in the information technology sector

Strategic position:

• Bulgaria is crossed by five major pan-European transport corridors
• Excellent natural potential for tourism development

• The TRACECA transport program to enhance the connection between Europe and Asia
  • 4 airports, 2 main ports

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Welcome to Bulgaria

Добре дошли в България

Benvenuti in Bulgaria

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