Who we are

We are a close-knit team with the aim of making the country we love and live every day known all over the world!

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Bulgaria and not even from the photo you can realize how much there is here.

Let me introduce:

We are Bulgaria Wonderful, a small duly registered agency, a point of reference for all those who intend to move to Bulgaria.
We have studied various services and many other services will be added over time.
Our team is made up of David Nossardi and Federico Cabras who deal with the development of the Web part.
Cristina Stefano Ivanova takes care of consultations and public relations, while Malina Boeva is the lawyer we rely on for the practices obviously there is more! we also collaborate with a sworn translation firm in the city of Pleven and with various other services.
Our project was born in December 2020 after me, Federico Cabras and David Nossardi; we decided to move to Bulgaria where we were welcomed with enthusiasm and a lot of warmth.
Later, we met that they shared our dream so Bulgaria wonderful.com was born.
Our goal is to be able to bring the Bulgarian culture abroad and make known the uses and customs of the enchanting Balkan state, pearl of the Balkans.
What else to say !!
What are you waiting for? Start the journey too !!

Our work team