Below you can read what are the wonderful Bulgaria services:

  1. House purchase: handling paperwork for the purchase of your house (we assist you in signing a lease or purchase agreement) , notarial deeds, translations and everything needed to be in compliance with the laws in force in Bulgaria.

  2. Company incorporation: completion of practices for the establishment of a company in Bulgaria according to your needs, you will also be followed in your practices by our collaborating lawyer.

  3. Transfer of residence: we help you through a lawyer in your change of residence, preparation of documents, opening of a bank account, translation of documents,we assist you in the procedure for accessing health services and subsequent delivery to the immigration office.

  4. Transfer pension and residence: we help pensioners who intend to move to Bulgaria in completing the necessary documents.

  5. Health: we help with specialist and dental visits to the best health facilities and in the translations of medical records.